2017 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop

I’m glad you’re all here! A little late than never for me, however. My name is Amanda and I got started sewing when I was 8 years old. My mom taught me how to quilt and I’ve been quilting and sewing ever since. While I have a degree in Fashion Design my true passion is quilting and color-most of the things I do have lots of color in them.

My VERY first quilt! I made it for my doll when I was 8 years old and sat on moms lap as she helped. Circa 1993.

I love being able to share quilting with my mom-we can carry on conversations for hours! She also tends to get the creative end of my whirlwind brain. While that was my first quilt, it wasn’t my first experience in quilting. I wasn’t allowed to make a quilt until I could successfully hand quilt in straight, even stitches in a hoop. Yes-that image you have is correct-a seven year old sitting next to her mom on the couch, following penciled lines on white cotton while trying to get stitches even. Now that I’m older I’m grateful because it makes me appreciate the art of quilting even more.

Fast forward twenty-something years later and I love it even more! I recently had a quilt accepted into the 2017 Vermont Quilt Festival and I’ve never shown outside my local show-it’s terrifying! However, this was my year of overcoming self-imposed challenges and entering a quilt into a big show like that was part of it. Having attended Sew Pro last year in Chicago, IL I’ve been inspired to try and find my niche in the quilting world. Though, based on time management, I’ll have to complete my Bachelor’s degree in August before doing so. Exhaustion is not a good look. :p

Me and my mom, Patti

Trying to get out of the habit of working on other’s patterns and doing my own has been very challenging and has had a 95% failure rate so far. I just LOVE the variety! I did create a block last year for the Cloud 9 Blog Hop that I’m really proud of and have a mockup of what it looks like completed with the fabric I have. I can’t WAIT to start it!

2016 Cloud 9 Block Blog Hop Challenge-my first original block

Crossing Squares with Art Gallery Fabrics

Hopefully you’ve gotten an insight into my quirky odd-ball brain and the types of quilts I love. I love to hear from all of you though! What’s your favorite part of quilting or your favorite ‘hack’ you’ve discovered? Thanks for visiting my blog! Make sure to check out the other lovely ladies this week.

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Thank you also to our lovely Hive-Mama Beth Sellers for doing an outstanding job! Check her out at Cooking Up Quilts.