Guest Blogger: Meet Patti!

I have a guest blogger today for your enjoyment: my mother, Patti Everest! She’s fantastic and the woman that taught me to sew. Give her a warm welcome as she’s very excited!


As I started my journey of quilting little did I know what it entailed.  It has not been a smooth path due to many extenuating circumstances including a full time job, raising daughter, taking care of mother, and trying to please husband.  However, I know I am not the only one. I now have the time to enjoy it to its fullest and since my daughter quilts, much better than I, she challenges me daily.

My path started in the good old days of great summer school.  When I was growing up summer music programs prevailed.  I remember being excited to learn a musical instrument, though totally not musically inclined, learning a language, typing, and then sewing.  I continued sewing throughout school and college – clothes and more clothes – see, I am old.  There are only so many puckered darts and gathered sleeves that shouldn’t be or should have been in the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s- I can’t remember and it got boring. 

We moved to Old Order Mennonite country in Canada and I learned something new.  Fabric can be used sewing a straight line – no darts, sleeves or anything.  Just two pieces of fabric right sides together and a straight line and I can make wonderful shapes and designs – a WHOLE NEW WORLD!!!  I was in my early forties when I discovered this wonderful new thing.  My daughter was about three.  I used to sit her on my lap to sew these great straight lines with tiny prints and colors like pink, blue and muslin.  We would go to the basement and she could be with me or ride a toy on the floor.  My husband’s aunt quilted and she would critique me (in a good way).  She actually showed me how to bury a knot – yes, we hand quilted no matter what size it was!

I have come a long way in the process of quilting and have decided I don’t like fussy things.  I am trying to embrace the Modern era of quilts and after much prodding I’ve found I quite like it.  However, I will embark on a new project using Kaffe Fassett fabrics and lots of his prints.  I may overwhelm myself but I need to try- my daughter taught me that. I find the simplicity of the modern quilt is quite enchanting in itself.  You can actually see all the beautiful quilting that is being done and not hidden in so many prints.  My quilting still is just straight line but I find the quilts I make are enhanced by straight line stitching. I’m slowly attempting to try free-motion quilting- still a little scared of it.

Some of my challenges from our local Modern Quilt Guild are attached.  I blew everyone’s mind with my dresden plate block – it was wonderful!

Modern Quilt Blocks

I credit my daughter, who writes this blog, with making sure I am kept up to date in the modern era.  I look at some of my old quilts now and wonder what I was thinking but that is learning and growing, isn’t it?  They still look beautiful and provide a history of my quilting experience. 


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