2016 Cloud 9 Block Blog Hop

Cloud 9 Block Colors

Cloud 9 Block Colors

I promised myself earlier this year that at some point in 2016 I would design my own block. Luckily for me, Cloud 9 gave us blogger newbies an offer that I couldn’t refuse! These gorgeous colors are the perfect epitome of transitioning from summer to fall and it inspired me to create a block. I have throughly enjoyed this process and can’t wait to make more!

Cloud 9 gave us this phenomenal palette of colors to work with chosen by our leaders and I’m excited to present my block to you!

Crossing Squares


I’ve written my tutorial with a lot of pictures and step by step instructions so beginners can follow along. If you’re more experienced it’ll be a cinch. To use the foundation paper pieces pattern click on the link below. You’ll want 4 copies of it to complete the block.

Crossing Squares Pieced Pattern


  1. When I’m using multiple colors I always write down what goes where so I don’t get confused. I try to make a general idea of the color name and write it down.


2. To make the process easier cut the following pieces:

Berry: (8) 4″x4″

Orchid: (4) 4″ x 6″

Gray: (4) 1″x10″

Turquoise: (4) 4″x10″

Sky Blue: (4) 3″x5″photo-sep-10-8-20-24-pm

3. Flip the pattern over so the fabric is always placed on the unmarked side. Center the Orchid piece over the marked area and place a berry piece on top.


4. Carefully flip the pattern over and sew along the line between A1 and A2. when finished, it should look like this:


Fold the paper along the sewing line to show the excess seam allowance. We’ll want to cut that extra off. I use an add-a-quarter ruler but you can easily use a ruler; just be careful that it doesn’t slip.

photo-sep-10-8-28-57-pm photo-sep-10-8-29-20-pm

5. Press the pieces open. Since my iron is across the room, I use a wallpaper-roller-like tool made for sewing. It presses the seam nice and flat so I don’t get up all the time.


6. Using a heavy piece of paper (I use a business card or, usually, those junk postcards in the mail) fold on your next sewing line to expose the extra seam allowance. Using the 1/4″ from that line cut off the excess.



7. Place the remaining piece of berry fabric on top of the orchid piece like the first one. This time you’ll sew on the opposite side.

photo-sep-10-8-32-30-pm photo-sep-10-8-32-59-pm

8. That part of the block should look like this:


Next, flip the block over and again, using a card, fold the paper back along your next sewing line and trim the excess. (I find this makes it easier when lining up fabric and reduces the chance of using that darned seam ripper.)

photo-sep-10-8-34-36-pm photo-sep-10-8-34-30-pm

8. Place the gray strip over the fabric for your next sewing line. Again, stitch and press.

photo-sep-10-8-35-09-pm photo-sep-10-8-35-38-pm


9. Now that the gray strip is pressed you can easily trim the excess seam allowance as we’ve been doing. Since it’s such a small width, I usually hold the piece up to the light to gage just how far over that line it is.


Since it’s over a fair amount, I’ll trim the excess off. (If it was about 1/2″ then I would just move the next fabric piece down a smidge.)

10. Place the turquoise piece along that gray seam line and stitch. Fold the paper, measure, trim, and press.


11. We’re almost done! Fold, measure, and trim along that blue area to get rid of excess seam allowance. Next, line up the sky blue piece along the edge. Stitch.


Press it open and your block should look like this:


Congratulations! The hardest part of the sewing is complete. Flip the block over and trim all the fabric down to that block with the 1/4″ edge.


Create 3 more blocks exactly the same. Once they’re all ready to go, place two right sides together matching up the patterns. Stitch along that 1/4″ line and press open. Do the same with the other 2 blocks.


Finally, sew the two long pieces together and press. Ta-da!


What I love about this pattern is not only the sharp angles but when you create a bunch of blocks and put them together they create their own pattern.


I’m thrilled to see all these gorgeous blocks and am honored to be among them! Check them all out below for some great inspiration!

Host: Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs

Miranda @I Have Purple Hair
Jennifer @The Inquiring Quilter
Sarah @123 Quilt
Leanne @Devoted Quilter
Jen @Patterns By Jen
Jennifer @RV Quilting
Amanda @Quiltologie
Sharon @Yellow Cat Quilt Designs
Jen @A Dream and A Stitch
Jen @Faith and Fabric
Carole @Carole Lyles Shaw
Stephanie @Quilt’n Party
Susan @Sevenoaks Street Quilts
Katrin @Now What Puppilalla
Amista @Hilltop Custom Designs
Nicole @Handwrought Quilts
Marla @Penny Lane Quilts
Silvia @A Stranger View
Sarah @Smiles Too Loudly
Carrie @the zen quilter
Mary @Quilting is in My Blood


26 thoughts on “2016 Cloud 9 Block Blog Hop

  1. Jean McKinstry says:

    Those narrow strips set the block off perfectly, and showcase the other fabrics, Beautiful, One more wonderful design to add, and when all the blocks are together, what a fab quit/quilts. this or these will be.


  2. Shannon says:

    I too added lots of details for any quilters tackling paper piecing for the first time! Well done on walking us through the tutorial 🙂 Love how the block looks in the mock-up.


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