Mini Shadow Block QAL

I was happy to be a participant in a mini quilt along! We all used the Shadow Block Mini Quilt from Studio Dragonfly Quilts and it’s so much fun and super easy! When I saw it I immediately knew what fabric I was going to use and was able to fussy cut it! I had a little bit less time than others did ( I had two days) but I quite love how it came out.

Photo Sep 05, 2 56 49 PM

Photo Sep 05, 2 57 08 PM

I also used Grunge by Moda fabric which is my absolute favorite. I found a gorgeous green but it would have looked odd using it for binding so I used it on the back.

Photo Sep 05, 2 57 32 PM

I used a new batting which I’m not thrilled with. I love Quilter’s Dream but I won a package of Dream Puff at our guild meeting and thought I’d use it for this. Is there a secret to it? I kept finding that it would throw my fabric off kilter and make everything wonky as I was quilting it. What are your thoughts?

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18 thoughts on “Mini Shadow Block QAL

  1. Janice Holton says:

    I really like the way you fussy cut the squares with these cute little creatures! Who’da thunk you could find sloth fabric!! 😀 The colors look great with the shadows. It turned out GREAT in spite of your limited time. You must work well under pressure!


  2. Jennifer Strauser says:

    My god, I love those sloths. I have seen them popping up here and there, and I’m almost ready to start shopping.

    I can’t get to your site for some reason. I hope it is just me, but if you aren’t getting any traffic you might want to check it out. I get a privacy error. It is just on my macbook, I can visit you on my phone. Chances are good it is a problem with me.

    Oscar is my first “small dog” experience. I was raised with dobermans and rottweilers, and our first family dog was/is an Australian shepherd. Oscar is amazing – he is like a cat and can’t get enough of cuddles. I love him.


  3. Jennifer@inquiring Quilter says:

    I too love that sloth fabric! It’s perfect that you fussy cut it for this pattern. The binding is a wonderful compliment. Great quilting! I don’t think anyone’s quilted it that way in the hop, and I love the look!


  4. Kate Heads says:

    Great fabrics, I love your green backing too. I haven’t used green puff before, my favourite batting is Warm and Natural for machine quilting, and Hobbs 80/20 for hand and machine at the minute as it is a fair bit cheaper just now. I used Quilters Dream a few months ago, it was ok but I found my machine got very dirty, there again the Hobbs is almost as bad.


  5. Lori M says:

    Oh my gosh!! LOVE your Mini!!! 🙂 Not a good one to judge Batting..never heard of the Green Puff…but have only used the polyester kind so far…got it at JoAnn’s.


  6. Kathy E. says:

    I don’t really see anything wrong with using the new-to-you batting. I think it looks great! But, I imagine seeing and using it in your own hands leaves a different impression. Now you’ll know what product is your tried and true!


  7. Sharon Browne says:

    Love seeing all the different versions of this quilt! Sometimes I do my best work under pressure of a deadline. I’ve only used polyester batting so far but I’d like to try one of the cotton blends. I guess I’ll stay away from Dream Puff. Thanks.


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