I just love mini quilts! They make me feel like I’m accomplishing something and making progress through my large quantity of UFO’s. I was lucky enough to participate in an Amy Butler/Low Volume Mini Swap on Instagram the past few months. I had two failures in mini patterns before the third worked out and I’m loving it!

Photo Jul 15, 4 29 51 PM

My mini quilt for my swapper out of Amy Butler and low volume fabrics.

All of my quilting on that was straight at varying widths and it all went in one direction. I thought it gave the quilt a really unique look!

I also am participating in our local modern guilds Mini-Mini-Swap where the final dimensions have to be 6″ or less. I found a 6-inch block and used a bunch of my Art Gallery Solids scraps to create it. (Which I adore!) I used the Starry Sky Block and Mini Quilt by Kylie Kelsheimer.

Photo Aug 14, 9 03 35 PM

My Mini-Mini-Swap for the local guild.

How do you like making mini quilts? Do you enjoy it or find it annoying?

3 thoughts on “Minis!

  1. Jennifer Strauser says:

    I have only made one mini, out of the triangular scraps I had left from some other blocks. I should dig it up and take photos. One of the things I love about quilts is that my hobby produces useful items. Minis don’t fit that bill, so I don’t make them very often. They do look fun, though.


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