Time Management Failures

I need an extra three hours in the day-does anyone else feel that way? I have this temporary job that I really like but it leaves me exhausted and wanting to go to sleep at 8pm. Not really great if you have lists of things to get done and projects to be finished. By the time the weekend gets around, between the job and the heat, I just want to sleep! Of course, I do hope this job turns full time permanently, because hello health insurance (among other benefits), but my stamina is not what it used to be.

Back to the sewing! I sadly haven’t been able to do a lot of sewing, though I am working on my favorite type, EPP. (There will be another post or 100 later on about that.) I’ve been working more on my shop and destashing what we have so we can hopefully get new inventory in. (Shameless promotion-@quiltologie on instagram is where we post our inventory and destash sometimes.)

For those who have a shop of fabrics and such that they sell, what type of items do you find that sell? For those who buy (and we love you all) what types of things are you looking for? We have some Rifle Paper Co bundles coming later this year but are also looking at the Kona colors. (How I love Kona.)

P.S. I’ll be participating in the Cloud 9 Block Blog Hop so keep your eye out for that later on!

One thought on “Time Management Failures

  1. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl says:

    Mostly I am so excited that my computer is now resolving your website! Hooray! I have no idea why it would not work for me before.

    I hear you about an extra 3 hours in a day. I need to go to sleep… 5:30am is going to come much sooner than I will be ready for.


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