2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop

It’s finally my turn! I’ve been lucky enough to participate in this amazing group of new quilt bloggers and I’ve learned so much in the past few months! Today it’s my turn to introduce myself to everyone! My name is Amanda (or Mandy as my friends call me) and I’ve been quilting since I was 8 years old. (Over twenty years now!) My mom was instrumental in the process— she taught me how to sew and quilt.

Photo Feb 18, 11 35 35 AM

My mom, Pat, and I at QuiltCon 2016.

I actually ended up going to fashion design school after my love of sewing kept growing. I’m glad I went but I’m so much better at quilting and piecing. Growing up in Northern California there were a lot of quilt shops and quilt events that were fun to attend. Now I live in Las Vegas, NV and there aren’t many here. (Yet.)

One of my favorite quilts that I’ve done isn’t quilted yet but it’s going to be amazing! I was lucky enough to score some of the Rifle Paper Co. fabric at Market this year and found a pattern from an amazing girl to make it in! (We had gone to shop for our tiny little online store and found this girl!) The pattern is Painted Ladies by EyeCandyQuilts and it turned out stunning!  My friend Vicki from OrchidOwlQuilts will be quilting it as soon as she finds time and it’ll look amazing!

Photo Jun 05, 8 26 18 PM

Another project that I loved doing was a mini swap on Instagram.  It was pretty specific; Amy Butler and low volume prints. It actually took me three attempts to get it right. For my first idea the block ended up being so tiny to piece and frustrated me so that I decided to find something else. The next pattern I bought and tried ended up having errors in the writing and tons of confusion. (That’s a conversation for another day.) My third attempt came out perfectly and exactly what I wanted! My swap partner loves antique hunting and the Gypsy Caravan line so I combined those with negative space and got a pretty awesome looking mini quilt. I did straight line quilting of varying widths and love how it came out.

Photo Jul 15, 4 29 51 PM

This next quilt is the first one I entered into a quilt show. (Still the only one, actually.) I wanted to get over that ‘fear’ of the first and I entered it in the local show here. I was up sewing until an hour before the deadline to turn it in and there are quite a few mistakes on it. However, it was something that I both pieced and quilted and I’m really proud of that. I love how the hot pink accentuates the lines!

Photo Mar 14, 9 29 29 AM

Front of the Quilt

Photo Mar 14, 9 29 37 AM

Back of the Quilt

The last quilt that I love is a mini quilt that I made for my boss at the time. It was for her birthday but we soon found out that we were being laid off so it also became a little going-away present as well. She’s not a quilter but loves admiring them and I decided to make a little wall hanging using the Fractal quilt block pattern by pattisloniger. I added a colorful border and some more negative space for signatures from the team.

Photo Mar 15, 9 02 53 PM

You’ll have to excuse the toes; I didn’t crop this one.

After attending QuiltCon this past year as well as Quilt Market I really want to work on my craft and further my love of quilting and sewing. I’m working on bags as well since I’ve always wanted to brush up on those skills and have a quilting machine that I need to relearn how to use. (Before I throw it out the window.) I’ll be attending the SewPro Convention in Chicago in September to get more insight on the industry and figure out just what direction I want to take. I’ll also be attending QuiltCon next year so lots of things on the horizon!

Now I’d love to get to know about all of you! What’s something in the quilting or sewing world that has you dying to try it but seems too scary? My biggest problem is the actual quilting part. I’m a perfectionist and I’m hard on myself so having anything less than perfect is difficult for me. (Hence the straight lines.) What’s yours?

23 thoughts on “2016 New Quilt Bloggers Blog Hop

  1. Paige says:

    Hi Mandy, nice to meet you! You and your mom coordinate so well the Free Spirit quilt! Love all of your quilts! SewPro sounds like fun! Hmm, I haven’t sewn any triangles, so I need to add that to my list of quilts to make.


  2. jennyfur66 says:

    Your quilts are all so pretty. I would love to be able to grow my creative side and enter a quilt into a show. Hopefully, it will happen one day.


  3. Sue says:

    This is a great post, Mandy and I love your quilts! I’m a huge fan of a house quilt and yes, yours is amazing! My quilt fears are numerous and it’s hard for me to pick one. I’m in huge admiration that you took the plunge and entered a show. Well done!


  4. pennylanequilts says:

    Stopping by on the blog hop and enjoying getting to know you better. Your HRT quilt from a couple posts back is one of my favorites. I don’t think I’m a perfectionist, in that I am happy with my results as long as they are the best I can do at the time. I do take extra time and care to make sure that I’m putting my best work out there, but you can’t grow, learn new techniques and be creative unles there are some “mistakes” along the way.


  5. Jennifer Strauser says:

    Hi, Mandy – I love your quilts. The geometric one with hot pink is fabulous.
    My quilting fear is free motion quilting. I have a killer silk top that has been sitting around, waiting for me to get a grip and start quilting. I’m so worried about making it look bad that I haven’t done anything.


  6. Heide says:

    Mandy, Wonderful to get to know you on this hop. Your quilts are amazing and I love the bright fun colors. One of my fears is FMQ (free motion quilting), scars the heck out of me! I gave it a try and my machine was not interested in it at the time, so I will give it one more time! Have a super week. Hugs, Heide


  7. faithandfabric says:

    Really enjoyed your pic from QuiltCon – I was there, too! Such an amazing show. Great to read through your post and get to know you and your style a bit better.


  8. SHARON Parcel says:

    LOVE the house quilt! I think my biggest fear is taking the jump and printing and selling quilt patterns. It seems overwhelming to me right now! So, for now I am working on it slowly, and content to submit quilts to magazines and fabric companies. I hope to go to Quilt Con someday! It looks amazing!


  9. Stephanie says:

    All your quilts are so lovely. I especially love the Amy Butler mini. I too get nervous when it comes to the quilting. I’m good with minis and smaller quilts but I can’t imagine quilting a large quilt on my domestic machine. Nice job on your post!


  10. Debby says:

    Your quilt of the diagonal houses is so original, I love it. And the design and colors of the show quilt are really great. I am afraid to FMQ but I want to so badly, so eventually I am going to have to just go for it.


  11. helen says:

    Hi Mandy, nice to meet you. I loved all of your quilts and love that your mother and yourself are able to share this interest and passion. I still have to work harder on my daughter in the making part of it! I hope you enjoy your blog hop and good luck.


  12. Kate Heads says:

    Lovely to meet you Mandy. I really like your house quilt and the lovely pink one you did for a show entry, you have a good right to be proud of it , it’s lovely. I agree with you that the actual quilting part is scary, but lots of things are until we take the plunge, then we wonder what all the fuss was about.


  13. Gypsy Moon Quilt Co. says:

    Love your Painted Ladies quilt! All your quilts are lovely. My guild is having a show in August – I’m entering two quilts and it’s borderline terrifying… I feel ya!

    Free motion quilting seems pretty scary to me. I have yet to stray away from straight lines. I’m hoping to learn more about FMQ in the future! 😊


  14. Seven Victor says:

    I think I’m a little afraid of submitting a quilt to a show.. so thank you for sharing about your first entry. I wish you the best of luck with your future quilting adventures! Perhaps we will bump into each other at QuiltCon next year. 🙂


  15. Jennifer @ Inquiring Quilter says:

    Hi Mandy! Getting caught up with my blog hop visits as I’ve been out of town. Such a lovely post! How much fun is it to share your love of quilting with your Mom. Your first quilts are very nice. With quilting, the trick for me is to start. Once I get going I’m ok (not good, not great, but OK). It just takes practice and it looks like you’re getting some with all your projects.


    • quiltologie says:

      Hi Jennifer! I’m so lucky that my mom shares this love of quilting. We were talking to a 9-year-old girl today at the fabric store who desperately wants to learn to sew but her mom won’t take the time to show her and her aunt doesn’t want to teach her. It made me realize just how lucky I am to have someone so passionate about creating as I am! I agree with the quilting-once I get going I’m usually okay. (Unless my thread keeps breaking, like the past week-I just want to throw the machine out the window and cry.) I’m okay at it but Angela Walters told me to just keep practicing and going regardless of how I think it is.


  16. carrie wikander says:

    Hi Mandy, nice to meet you. I know, Quiltcon is almost a dangerously inspiring place, isn’t it? I just want to hide in my studio and make, make, make after I go. I love your Tulla Pink quilt – it’s great. Don’t be scared to enter quilts, because you have nothing to lose. Sometimes you might get disappointed, but even then, you took a chance and showed up and should fee proud of yourself.


    • quiltologie says:

      Hi Carrie! I definitely needed to get over it the first time. Once I did that I’m less scared to enter them now. My biggest concern now is making sure my points match and that the quilting isn’t sloppy. Those are my new fears that I’m working on getting over. QuiltCon is so much fun to learn and see what’s out there.


  17. Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl says:

    I am so happy to be finally able to read and comment on your post; I’m so sorry I couldn’t do so before now. I am very impressed that you started sewing at 8 and I love that your mom taught you and that you two have a close connection that way. Quilting used to intimidate me a lot, too, but the more I embrace my own imperfections, the more I love that part of the process. I definitely look forward to hearing how the Sew Pro convention goes in September. I hope it provides you with a lot of great information.


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