HRT’s and Other Weird Things

Have you ever lost days, almost an entire week, when you’re sewing and working on multiple projects? I’m trying to get through the insane amount of UFO’s I have and I’ve lost track of my days.

Our modern quilt guild issued the challenge this month to create a block using half rectangle triangles. Most of us immediately turned to each other and said ‘huh’? I immediately went home and looked at some tutorials and my mind immediately went to my Tula Pink True Colors charm packs that were stashed on a shelf. How perfect would that be for this project?

I immediately got to work chopping up the pieces using the fantastic tutorial from the lovely a.squared.w and it worked like a charm! (No pun intended.) After I sewed all the triangles together I couldn’t resist the rainbow effect it gave.

Photo Jun 01, 8 13 20 PM

I started playing around with different ways to put it together and loved the star effect that the layout gave the quilt. I quickly put everything together and I’m so happy with the way it turned out!

Photo Jun 01, 6 45 27 PM

The final layout for the block.

Photo Jun 06, 2 01 48 PM

The quilt top without the extra borders. (I added those on last minute.)

I’ll be quilting it fairly quickly to try and enter it in a show so I’ll definitely post pictures when I’m through.

What are your experiences with half rectangle triangles? Do you love them or hate them?

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