Time Management and a Mini

I promise you all that I’m trying to get into the habit of posting! The problem is, I get distracted by other things and then soon a week has gone by with nothing. Does anyone else have the problem of remembering to actually blog? I usually post all kinds of things on Instagram and Facebook but working on a consistent blog schedule seems to baffle me.

My local modern quilt guild is doing a Mini Quilt swap with Orlando’s guild. I finally finished mine this week after lots of hand-done blanket stitches. I’m so in love with it! I’m rather upset that I have to part with it, as I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done, but I know that it’s going to a home that will appreciate and love it as much as I do. Without giving away too much about who I’m swapping with, she’s very into rock/zombies/skulls, that sort of thing. I got inspired by the Guns N’Roses logo and did my own take on a version.

Orlando Mini Swap

This next week is going to get crazy for me as I’m going to Quilt Market for the first time! Since my mom and I own a little quilt shop (shameless promotion: the link is at the top of the page) we’re going to network, take some classes, and see what we want to get! The shop is a massive work in progress but we’re slowly getting there. When I come back I’ll have lots of things to share!

Sewing Curves

For our Modern Quilt Guild here in Las Vegas we’ve been participating in our own Block of the Month. This month was the Drunkard’s Path block and I’ve always been afraid of sewing curves. I come from an apparel background but for some reason they scare me in quilts.

However, I jumped head first into it and I love them now! I’m completely obsessed with them now and am already planning on making a quilt full of them! Below is a picture of the block I created-the fabric is Modern Background by Zen Chic and Flora by Joel Dewberry.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.13.28 PM.png